Hi, my name is Leon

Its a tough world out there,
So I use design to make it a bit better :)

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Currently - Product Design Lead @ GoDaddy Commerce

GD Point of Sale - Billions and billions, and counting.

Launching our all new commerce platform designed to empower small business. Easily sell from your web store to in-person, online marketplaces to social platforms.

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Previously - Expedia/Amazon/& many more exciting places

Expedia Maps - Helping 112M+ unique users a month travel

Founding designer of Expedia's map UX team. Envisioned & shipped north star experience for Expedia maps products.

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Start ups - Our VR indie studio joining Oculus/Meta

Sword Reverie VR- Pioneering the oculus open world experience

Head of Design shipping Top Trending VR indie Game from 0 -1 on SteamVR & Oculus in 2022.

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I also founded my

Own UX agency

After leading design at the VR start up Isekai Ent, I continue my love for start ups and empowering entrepreneurs by founding my own agency Quainto. Quaint Definition: Skillfully strange, peculiarly attractive, or unusual in an interesting way.
As a full service international design agency, we designed digital brands and experiences well known clients like Nio AWS, and BMW to exciting start ups from our partners at Y-combinator, miracle plus, and Harvard business incubator.

Highlighting a few recent clients...

As a full service product team, we often take ownership from the entire product life cycle, supporting key mile stones for entrepreneurs. We have helped our partners raise over 11 million in funding based on our MVP & Northstar products.

AR web3 avatar tool
Client/Partner: Metaverse.ai

Ever since our success of Sword Reverie. One of the first open world VR ARPG games launched on Oculus & SteamVR and top 5 funded VR titles on Kickstarter. My enthusiasm in the VR/AR field continues, we have pioneered with ex Meta & Google product teams to launch Metaverse.ai and help raise over 6million in capital for the team in 2023.

AI sales requirement product
Client/Partner: Harvard Business School/Spark Grants

Starting in 2019 our design and product partners have been deeply involved with Generative AI technology in the gaming, medical, social media, and professional development fields. We are recently developing a new unannounced product with Harvard business incubator with our partners from Harvard business school.

2023 - 2024 Featured clients
Exhibit Design
Client/Partner: AWS/Uniway/Other

As an international full service agency, our expertise goes beyond traditional UX. We have supported our Beijing' teams delivery of key event exhibits and experiences for over 10,000+ users such as AWS reinvent, and other event exhibits in the tech world.

Financial well-being IOS app
Client/Partner: Nav.it

Our agency is a firm believer in social wellness, mental health, and diversity in the tech industry. We have partnered with one of the most influential fintech founder, leader, and entrupuner in the Seattle & New York on redesigning Nav.it to support women in tech since 2021.

2022 - 2023 Featured clients

Ive seen Leon in Universities teaching?

To me, a great designer goes beyond delivering successful products as a design lead in big tech and my agency. There is an unmatched reward in fostering empathy and human connection in the UX realm, through enriching the UX community with education.

Guest Lecturing & hosting workshops

I discover my purpose as a UX educator by remaining down to earth to students as a life long mentor, while publishing Medium articles, leading workshops, and guest lecturing at renowned HCI universities such as (UW, RISD, CMU to name a few)

Non-profits & Diversity

I partner with global nonprofits to advance tech inclusivity and empower minorities and women in tech via UX education. This involves initiatives like scholarships, public events, and conferences such as IDSA, TedX, and many other.

In the last 4 years, I've spent over 36,380+m in 1:1 mentorship

That is why we founded UXGO, a (NFPA) coaching platform ran by a team of over 20 FAANG UX coaches. We accelerate our members UX careers. In the last 5 years we have helped over 600 members kickstart their UX careers in the US.

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