Leon Zhang

Who is Leon?

You should be Font of me because I am just your Type.

Bad puns aside, I am an Interaction Design student at the University of Washington.
This summer I am interning at Amazon as part of the AWS security team. I choose to intern at Amazon this summer because of its enormous growth in recent years all thanks to customer obsession.

I encourage you to explore my works in my portfolio! I have spent my last two years on Sword Reverie, an upcoming open-world VR JRPG game shipping early access on Steam & Oculus in 2021. You can check out more about this project in my portfolio or on our website.

In my free time, I am passionate to grow our design community. I have led workshops, talks, and studios on and off-campus. During social distancing, I run UX growth, a large student, intern, and mentorship community with hundreds of members.

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Leon's 2021 Resume