Expedia Maps Redesign

/ UX Designer @ Expedia
/ Product Overview

Why the Expedia
Maps Redesign?

One of Expedia's main customers are its Lodging shoppers.
Within Lodging shoppers, a group of customers identify them selves as trip planners. Initial UX research has shown the importance of map's to trip planners. They are the biggest map consumers.

However, due to the lack of capabilities with Expedia's native map, most trip planners rely on third party platforms, many consumers are lost in this process. (representing a huge design opportunity)


September 2021 - Current

My Role

Solo UX Designer, Mentored CX Designer


Keith D, Xinye L, Jessica F, Gabi C, + 7more..

There is a $18M GP opportunity in 2022* (Est from previous lodging map tests, higher CVR for engaged customers, & current traffic levels)

/ My Responsibilities
/ 1
Redefining the EG Maps Northstar Vision to stakeholders
As a solo UX designer leading the project, this meant deal with ambiguity & large scope successfully & convincing high level stake holders & product team on a singular Northstar vision
/ Thinking Big
/ 2
Successful documentation of Northstar vision to guide all EG map products
Expedia owns multiple products that leverages EG maps (Hotels.com, VRBO, etc) Creating clear documentation based on the Northstar vision & work with product folks to create a clear implementation & roll out plan was vital for the products success.
/ Communication
/ 3
Creation of EG maps design system to help enginnering
Other than supporting design grooming & creating specs for engineering handoff, I have worked with a principal system designer to leverage & expand upon our existing design system to create a dedicated EGMaps UITK. This will help all future EG designers & product owners working within map-related spaces.
/ Visual & Brand
/ 4
Mentored new design team members
As the product team grew. Additional design support was needed. As the expert & project owner of the space, I mentored & onboarded new CX designers that joined the Expedia map design space
/ Leadership

Shipped Design at a Glance

Currently translating Northstar vision into MVP’s through leading discussions with PM to identify priorities & create design specs for engineers

Project Timeline

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Where did I start

Sep 2021

When I joined the team, Expedia had the business needs of how to better leverage maps in support of travelers shopping lodging?

A deep dive

Oct 2021

Through a deep dive leading discussions with stakeholders, partners, UXR, Content strategists, & PM's, we proposed the problem statement: "How might we help travelers to research & compare a property’s location as they shop lodging, and reduce their reliance on third-party sources of information?"

Design thinking

Jan 2022

To foster our north star vision, we proposed Expedia Group will create an intuitive map that helps customers decide between transportation options, neighborhoods, properties, and activities within a destination by aggregating and clearly visualizing the content customers care about, with dynamic response to customer signals and interaction powered by EG-wide data loops.

Happy path flow

Feb 2022

The team then created a north star happy path flow based off of in depth user testing of each concept and use case. Leveraging what we learned, we created priorities to guide our implementation process.

Step 5


Current 2022

I worked with a principal designer to create & refine a Expedia Maps Design system for implementing the redesign.
Even with the north star proposal & design system completed, implementing MVP's is more than just a UI refresh.
Major considerations were done for designing across different breakpoints
Review edge case & create specs for Engineer handoff
Leading cross-team efforts to ship map redesign in priority

Take a Deep Dive

Click below to read a more detailed documentation I created.
(Partial NDA in place, since not all designs are shipped, please ask me for a password)

I understand NDA

Key Learning 1. Commit

Helping organization leaders recognize value in a challenging frontier

Key Learning 2. Ownership

Taking ownership on a large project with limited Xd support

Key Learning 3. Dive deep

Diving deep & becoming an expert in a space

Key Learning 4. Customer

Solving customer needs through design to lead to business success