EP5 - UX Smoothie

Podcast - Wix vs Webflow vs Wordpress

WIX is one of the biggest and best web design platforms on the web. Subscribe and comment to get one year of premium for FREE! Enter the giveaway, amounts are limited! webflow is not so well known but is rising in popularity with designers. Both offer great features but what about WordPress? Is it really as bad as everyone says? Is it really what your grandma uses? Learn which tool to pick for your situation, or else it could cost your future job, interview, or school application. Hannah and I have lost hours upon hours and over thousands of dollars using the wrong tools for the wrong situations. This is an honest review of everything you need to know for complete beginners. View an example of our portfolio built with webflow here: https://www.meihannah.com/

Each episode is hosted by

Leon Zhang:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/zhangleonux/

Han Mei: https://www.linkedin.com/in/han-mei-uxhm/

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