Sword Reverie
(Steam VR/Meta PCVR)

/ Lead Designer @ Isekai Ent

/ Designing for Virtual Reality is my true passion
/ Product Overview

What is
Sword Reverie VR?

I have helped the Sword Reverie team with design & development for over three years.
As the lead designer, I owned all product, interaction, UX, and brand designs.

I have launched a fully-funded Kickstarter raising almost 20,000$ summer of 2020 for the team.
January 2022, we have shipped early access on Steam VR and Oculus Store as the new top trending VR title.
Currently, I continue to lead the team in all XD efforts as we ship towards Quest.


November 2018 - Current

My Role

Lead Designer, Creative Director (Product/UX design, Visual/Brand design)


Frank Z, Ting W, Shang L, Hannah M, Peter L


Sword Reverie launched 2022 Jan 21st, as the Top Trending VR & Indie Game on Steam.

/ My Responsibilities
/ 1
Lead collaboration between Experience and Engineering capabilities in VR
Drove design projects and experiences end-to-end ranging from long-term ideation for the discovery and acquisition of VR, to day-to-day delivery of assets needed to ship our products with Unity.
/ Product/UXR/UXD/Prototype
/ 2
Lead the creation of all Visual, Brand, & Marketing Designs.
Lead as point of contact on all subject matters for partner teams seeking to incorporate Brand, Visual, and Video assets to improve marketing and CX of Sword Reverie.
/ Visual/Brand/Marketing
/ 3
Proposed, Tested, Clarified & Defined success metrics for business impact
Created and facilitated all user testing surveys and experiments. VR interaction design can be the wild west. In the user data we trust.
/ UXR/Data analysis/ User testing
/ 4
Mentored younger design team members & taught VR prototyping workflows
Mentored UX interns directly to help them leverage the design process to develop and present testable prototypes, presentations, and other assets using Figma & Unity for executive review.
/ Mentor/Prototype/UX process

In the Summer of 2020, I lead the launch of our successful Kickstarter, raising almost 20,000$. (Fully funded within 72 hours) The demo was well received and helped us become the 1# most wish listed 2021 Steam VR festival game.

View Full Kickstarter here
View full video here

Project Timeline

High level overview of my contribution to Sword Reverie project.

Joining the team as a VR Product Designer

November 2018

Joined the team as an IC.
Iterated with the development team to propose Northstar vision of end to end user flows, user interfaces, user interactions in the VR space. I also lead SWOT analysis, UXR, Scope defining, etc.

Leading Cross Team prototyping

August 2019

As I grew my skills and experience with the team, I took on a lead role to invent. I Lead cross team collaborative brainstorm sessions, Created rapid prototypes to simulate experiences with real customers, and documented the experience to support our engineering teams.

Mentoring UX Interns

Summer 2020

During the kickstarter project. I mentored new UX interns on the team. I helped them adapt to a fast-paced environment, and taught them how to create user-centered design solutions when working with ambiguous and challenging projects using the design process.

Usability studies, and data driven iterations

September 2021

After creating the well received kickstarter demo. I utilized data driven analytical skills to communicate interactive design concepts clearly and persuasively to stakeholders across multiple teams to drive alignment before shipping end product.

Step 5

Shipping Product

January 2022

I worked closely with cross team stakeholders (PM/Marketing/Business focused teams) to ship early access product.
Currently I continue to offer and lead XD support as we work towards Quest launch.

Want to Dive deep?

Read the full documentation of Kickstarter process here. I own this project, so there are no NDA's! Enjoy!

Wearing "A LOT OF" hats

As the lead designer of a small indie team, my goal is always to ensure our products success. That means taking ownership and delivering the best results beyond just my expected responsibility. Take a look below at some other videos I created.

Image of a poorly built website which represents working with other web developers

2 years of Vr dev in 10 min

2 years of Vr dev in 10 min

Shipping Kickstarter Rewards

Shipping Kickstarter Rewards

Story Trailer

Story Trailer