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What does our Omni Commerce Vision Mean?

To facilitate our Omni commerce vision at Godaddy, we need to enable customers to sell everywhere. That most vital first touch point often is our POS device.

As the Product Design Lead for Godaddy's Smart Terminal POS, my ownership goes beyond the realms of traditional UX impacting over 20 million active users globally.

In my day-to-day, I lead my design team to collaborate with software developers, industrial designers, hardware enginners, legal team, & payment certifications & our amazing brand team.


April 2022- Current

My Role

Product Design Lead, Design Mentor


Godaddy Commerce

/  The Business Value in my designs

All types of businesses, from restaurants and medical practices to salons and local artisans have processed billions of dollars with our Poynt Smart Terminal, helping them grow and thrive.

"Billions and billions, and counting." - Learn More

/ My Responsibilities
/ 1
Future proofing Smart Terminal UX architecture & OS design for all generations of devices.
Designing OS systems for product-specific UX requires extremely detailed planning & long-term strategy. All user experiences I create must both deliver the best current payment flow, but also scale well into future POS devices. (A new generation comes out every year or so)
/ Thinking Big
/ 2
Implementation of short turn around MVP designs based on demanding contracts.
Payment is a complex space. Turn around time to get certified by banking partners such as Nexi & Elavon are extremely short with only weeks to design, implement, and certify. As the design lead this requires effective workflows & communciation with all partners & stakeholders.
/ Communication
/ 3
Reenvisioning of Smart Terminal design system to scale future products.
Part of future proofing the UX experience, comes from leading our brand & system designer to leverage & expand upon our existing design system to create a dedicated Poynt UITK.
/ Visual & Brand
/ 4
Leading collaboration between all partners.
As the product team grew. Additional design support was needed. As the expert & project owner of the space, I mentored & onboarded new designers, researchers, and product partners that joined the Godaddy Commerce world.
/ Leadership